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・・・いや アツイ・・・・(笑)

I walked down to the lake and found a nice muddy patch to start with. I
stepped into the mud and let my boots sink slowly into it. I then sat
down in the mud and began to rub mud all over my boots and up my
stockinged legs. I also rubbed mud into my panties as the mud soaked
through my white skirt and through to my bum. After that, I rubbed some
mud onto my skirt. It really made a nice contrast against the clean
white material.

Then, the bit I enjoy. Time to get wet!!! I walked into the lake and let
my boots filled with water. Wow, that was good. I walked in a little
deeper until I was waist deep then slowly lowered myself into the lake
until I was neck deep. I crouched there for a moment with my scarf and
bag floating in the water in front of me before I started swimming.

After 15 minutes of this, I began to get cold, so wash the mud off my
clothes the best I could, climbed out and walked home. I got straight
into a warm bath, still fully dressed of course, and began to warm
myself and clean myself.

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    初めまして 当ページの  副支配人の著作権放棄と申します・・・・

    風袋(かざぶくろ)は 放棄の作品を 皆様に ご覧いただく為に開きました・・・・・・・・

    このページは 靴 特に 上履きとブーツを主体にしておりますが あまり深くお考えにならなくても結構で御座います(笑)・・・・御ゆっくりとお楽しみください・・・

    尚 皆様のご参加を 心よりお待ち申し上げます。楽しいコミュニティの場として 御活用ください。
    ちなみに ♂二人で運営いたしておりますが モデルは(20歳以上の)女の娘です・・・(笑)・・・実写での妄想をお楽しみください・・・

    また ご意見・ご感想・クレーム・賛同・叱咤・激励は 放棄が直接 承りますので ↓ こちらまでお問い合わせください。


    足跡を残されたい時は 下記↓(Link)の 第四掲示板も ご利用ください


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