かざぶくろ (TOPページヘ)

靴に関するフェティシズムの追求をしております。 ご興味・ご理解のある方は 遊びに来てください。。。



Those who have delved deeply into erotic asphyxia
(and have survived), have discovered
that there is really no boundary between orgasm
and the involuntary convulsion of one
who is being hanged by the neck.

The art of GalaGallery is a portrayal of
the convulsions of orgasm and strangulation.
The involuntary and passionate movements
of orgasm are indistinguishable from the involuntary
and passionate movements of one being
hanged by the neck in an erotic context.

It is important to remember that
love, and the safety that love provides,
must be the foundation of all such erotic play.

We would venture to say that it is unlikely that any person
would subject themselves to being stripped naked,
tightly bound, and hanged by the neck,
unless they were either suicidal OR deeply entrained
by the powerful gratifications, both sexual and spiritual,
that can be derived from this
potentially risky form of erotic play.

Gala takes great and deep delight
in dancing naked in the noose. Her
struggles invariably lead to the ultimate transport
of truly transcendental orgasm.
We know that Gala may be unique in her temperament
as regards this form of erotic play,
but we suspect otherwise.

We are aware of a consistent interest
in in these potentially risky forms of erotic play.
Gala has decided to share these images of herself and her
intimate friends, deeply involved in orgasmic noose play.

Even so, you willnotice that certain precautions are taken.
Gala will not allow herself to behanged by the neck in a rope noose.
She is well aware of the probability of painful and lasting harm
to herself, which could result from being
hanged by the neck with a thin ligature.

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    初めまして 当ページの  副支配人の著作権放棄と申します・・・・

    風袋(かざぶくろ)は 放棄の作品を 皆様に ご覧いただく為に開きました・・・・・・・・

    このページは 靴 特に 上履きとブーツを主体にしておりますが あまり深くお考えにならなくても結構で御座います(笑)・・・・御ゆっくりとお楽しみください・・・

    尚 皆様のご参加を 心よりお待ち申し上げます。楽しいコミュニティの場として 御活用ください。
    ちなみに ♂二人で運営いたしておりますが モデルは(20歳以上の)女の娘です・・・(笑)・・・実写での妄想をお楽しみください・・・

    また ご意見・ご感想・クレーム・賛同・叱咤・激励は 放棄が直接 承りますので ↓ こちらまでお問い合わせください。


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