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Playing this way with a partner really lessens your chance of experiencing complications and makes more play options available for the simple reason that you will have someone to help you if you pass out. Aside from that, if you have some form of injury occur you will have someone to help you get assistance. The main downside to play with a partner is that you have to spend a lot of time finding the person you will literally trust your life with and if something goes horribly wrong you may end up convicted of a crime or having your lover convicted of a crime. The physiological things mentioned in another section will all still be present so even if you play very "safe" you could end up drawing the short straw and taking the consequences. Out of 25 million people in the US, it is estimated that 250 will die of erotic asphyxiation in a year. Of those 250 almost all of them will be auto-erotic asphyxiation (solo play). Therefore, statistically your chances of partner play going wrong are pretty darn low if you pay attention to avoiding the risks you can control. With that in mind...let's talk about how things could be done and how to lower the risks.

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  • このブログは 未成年者にふさわしくない内容、および広告を含んでいます。18才未満の方、および 高校生の方の 閲覧は お断り致します。

    初めまして 当ページの  副支配人の著作権放棄と申します・・・・

    風袋(かざぶくろ)は 放棄の作品を 皆様に ご覧いただく為に開きました・・・・・・・・

    このページは 靴 特に 上履きとブーツを主体にしておりますが あまり深くお考えにならなくても結構で御座います(笑)・・・・御ゆっくりとお楽しみください・・・

    尚 皆様のご参加を 心よりお待ち申し上げます。楽しいコミュニティの場として 御活用ください。
    ちなみに ♂二人で運営いたしておりますが モデルは(20歳以上の)女の娘です・・・(笑)・・・実写での妄想をお楽しみください・・・

    また ご意見・ご感想・クレーム・賛同・叱咤・激励は 放棄が直接 承りますので ↓ こちらまでお問い合わせください。


    足跡を残されたい時は 下記↓(Link)の 第四掲示板も ご利用ください


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